2000W Portable Power Station

Concerned about battery life draining away when you need it most? Worry no more with our 2000W Power Station – your portable energy solution for uninterrupted power on the move. Boasting a substantial 39,000mAh (1997Wh) capacity, it ensures you have more than enough power to keep your devices charged and operational.

The 2000W Power Station offers versatile charging capabilities, delivering AC charging of up to 1100W at 50/60Hz and an MPPT Input ranging from 11.5V to 50V at 20A with a maximum output of 1100W. With an AC Output rated at 1200W (4000W peak), it guarantees a stable, pure sine wave power supply, fortified with built-in overload and short circuit protection for added safety.

Experience unmatched flexibility with a variety of ports catering to a wide range of devices: two USB-QC3.0 ports delivering 18W, five 20V/5.0A ports with a maximum output of 100W (PD3.0) Type-C, two DC5521 ports, and two 12V/3A x 2 ports.

Stay connected and powered up wherever you go with the Power Station 2000W – your reliable companion for staying charged and connected on the move.



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39000mAh (1997Wh)

Product Size:

15.4″L x 11″W x 12.7″H

Product Weight:


AC Charging:

50/60Hz 1100W Max

MPPT Input:

11.5-50V 20A 1100W Max

AC Output:

50/60Hz, Rated 1200W, 4000W Peak Pure Sine Wave, Built-in Overload and Short Circuit Protection


18W x 2


5-20V/5.0A, 100W Max (PD3.0)

DC 5521:

12V/3A x 2

Accessory Output:

12V/3A x 2

Operating Temp:


Charging Temp:

32°F – 104°F

Environment Humidity:

Less than 90%RH

Warranty – Parts & Labor:

1-Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Covers non-wearable items. Please contact your local dealer for warranty claims.